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Welcome to ORARI Daerah Bali (ORDA Bali) home page in the internet.

ORARI Daerah Bali is the local organization of ORARI (Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia) for the province of Bali. While ORARI is the Indonesian IARU member society, ORDA Bali has the mandate of both representing the amateur radio operators within this province, as well as serving and meeting the organizational needs for the amateur radio operators.

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    The callbook search of our website a unique feature unrivaled by any other ORDA in Indonesia, not even ORARI Pusat. Search by entering any keyword name, place, or callsign. Eg. 'Prana' or 'BXY', etc. to find members of ORARI Daerah Bali.

Latest News

    • Jan 22, 2019: New amateur bands: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has allocated bands of 135.7 137.8 kHz (2200 meters), 472 479 kHz (630 meters), and 5.315.5 5.366.5 MHz (60 meters), effective on December 31, 2018. The 60-meter band is at a maximum of 15 W EIRP for Advanced and General licensees only. All allocations are on a secondary basis.
    • Jan 1, 2019: We wish you a very happy new year 2019!
    • The ORARI special call station YB73RI/9 is on the air from Aug 10 to Aug 17, 2018 to commemorate Indonesia's independence

    • Apr 04, 2014: Members database and search functions are updated to the latest ORPUS data of April 2014. Look in here.
    • Sept 20, 2013: Attention foreign amateurs! Foreign amateurs wishing to operate in Bali should read the Guest Operator Permit Application document. This permit allows a foreign amateur license holder to operate as a guest operator in Bali.
    • ORARI HF Bandplan yang baru, sesuai dengan permen 33/2009, telah diupload ke website ini (15/7/2011). Lihat bandplannya di sini
    • Peraturan Menteri No 33 Tahun 2009 telah diterbitkan. Peraturan yang menggantikan KM49/2002 ini memberikan banyak perubahan terhadap kegiatan amatir radio di Indonesia. Lihat peraturannya di sini.
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