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Amateur Radio Operator Licensing for Indonesian Citizens:

To be able to operate legally as an amateur radio operator in Indonesia, a person needs to become a member of ORARI. The following are the requirements for applying for membership at ORARI:

To obtain the SKKAR (Amateur Radio Proficiency letter), an applicant must meet the following requirements:

Please contact us or your local ORARI office to find out about the national exam schedule. In general, the fees involved in getting a license, can be found here:


Guest Operator Permit for Foreign Operators for Short Term Stay, and
Reciprocal Licensing for Foreign Operators for Long Term Stay:

Foreign amateurs wishing to operate in Bali should read the Ministerial rule PERMEN17-2018 document article 22. This article provides rule on how foreign amateurs (including visitors) can operate in Indonesia. (The document is in Indonesian language only).

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